Customizing the look of your Customer HUB is an important part of giving your customers a good experience when they log in. 

You can set your HUB branding under 'Customer HUB > Branding' in Effihub.

Want to see what your customer hub looks like?

Go to a specific customer in your Effihub account and click on the 'View HUB' tab / menu item. This will open up a new tab in your browser with your customer HUB. You are seeing an impersonated version, so what you see it what your customer will see.

You can also go to 'Customers > All Customers' and in the overview you can click 'View HUB' in the 'Actions' column for any of your customers. 

Change email sender on your automails

You can whitelist your domain so that all automated emails sent to your customers are sent with your own email address as the sender. 

Your company logo

Upload your logo so your customers can see it in the customer hub and on the login URL. We suggest using a PNG image (with transparent background) - but JPG images can also be used.

We have made it as easy as possible for you. The image is scaled proportionally to fit within 320 x 160 px, whether you upload a wide, high or square image.

If you do not upload an image, your company name will be used. Your company name is used as set in “HUB Settings > HUB Contact Page”.

Brand color

Your company color is used for selected elements of your customer HUB and in email notifications sent from Effihub. It should preferably be a color that is not too light as it it needs to stands out from the white and light gray elements used in the HUB.

Choose your color by clicking the swatch on the right. You can also enter a specific hex or RGB code in the field. Enter RGB codes in this format: rgb (255,255,255).

Standard Prepaid Plans graphics

Upload a photo / graphic that you want to use as the default image for your Prepaid Plans. The image is scaled proportionally to fit within 200 × 200 px, so a square image is best, but images of all sizes and sizes work.

We have designed a variety of Prepaid Plan icons / images that you are welcome to download and use in Effihub and on your website.

Download Prepaid Plan graphics here >

Both on templates and on newly created Prepaid Plans (both one-off and recurring) it is possible to change the Prepaid Plan graphics for the specific template or plan.

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